Originally from Belgium and established in Paris, Raphael van Gend creates jewellery, “art de vivre” objects and furniture. His architectural designs blend beautifully to create a unique and coherent universe.


Raphael’s aesthetic is minimal, graphic and elegant

and Objet Singulier fosters quality and excellence by placing craftsmanship at its very heart.

His creations bring together primary materials and

noble techniques.They exude a strength that is raw and sophisticated, but never ostentatious.

The name “Objet Singulier” perfectly echoes this

avant-garde contrast and gives the objects a singular and enigmatic dimension.

Collection 001
« An architectural vision of Nature »

Each of Raphaël’s objects is an urban and sculptural reflection of nature’s primeval beauty. Their simplicity and sophistication is mirrored by the juxtaposition of curves and straight lines.

A journey to reach excellence

Our workshop is located near Saigon in a small village known as the birthplace of lacquer’s traditional craftsmanship. Over centuries, the mastery of handcrafted lacquer is passed from generation to generation.

Two hundred artisans thoroughly selected from the finest craftsmen of the region work in the factory.


Their deep respect for the traditional codes of this noble craft comes with a rigorously supervised production.